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Elevate Your Standards with Dixie MetalCraft’s ISO 9001 and AS9100C Compliant Precision.

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Precision in Every Detail: Dixie MetalCraft’s Quality Services

Dixie MetalCraft is one of the premier machine shops in the Huntsville and North Alabama region when it comes to our quality. We are ISO 9001 and AS9100C compliant. We conduct stringent quality inspections on our parts that check every feature of your part to ensure compliance. This allows us to ensure the customer needs are met.

We currently employ about 65 people and have over 70,000 square feet of floor space in Hazel Green, AL. Our location makes us very convenient to Huntsville, AL. We have the ability to ship local to many customers with our own fleet of trucks. We can easily ship across the United States via third party private shipping.

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CNC Services and Sheet Metal Fabrication

DMC can create parts by Fiber laser cutting, CO2 Laser cutting, Water jet cutting, CNC Milling/Turning or stamping. A part up to 12 foot long can be laser or water jet cut.   We work with aluminum, stainless steel, brass, phenolic, rubber and titanium on a daily basis. Materials are formed, welded, polished and painted in house. We also offer Powder coating, silk-screen and assembly in house.

Screw machining Capabilities: DMC offers multi axis turning/milling in house.  Small production runs with tight tolerances are our specialty. Our CNC Services include:

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CNC milling machine work Huntsville Alabama
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On-Site Assembly, Roll Forming & More

Dixie MetalCraft is highly skilled in assembly and roll forming metal. We have taken on parts that have very specific and detailed instructions to be assembled. Dixie has several work stations to handle insertion of helical coils and installing rivets.

If you have a curved part, we can handle that too. We have many highly skilled employees that roll form metal to meet customer needs.

We have reverse engineering capabilities. Our customers give us a part and we design a drawing and recreate exact multiples of the part.

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Paints & Finishes

Dixie MetalCraft has the ability to handle various paints and finishes on our 2 paint lines. We offer Aerospace Primers and Top Coats, CARC Applications Per MIL-C-46168 and MIL-C-53072 (Similar to the picture above).  We also Powder Coat for Commercial and Military applications.  DMC utilizes local Sources on Anodizing, Passivation, Zinc, Nickel and Cad Plating.  Parts are shipped via private carriers to insure timely delivery.

We have capabilities to silkscreen your design, logo, etc… on the finished product along with the ability to part mark manufacture numbers per customer request.

We also polish parts to a mirror finish and chem film in house.

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  • CARC
  • Aerospace Primers
  • Top Coating
  • Powder Coating
  • Mil-Spec Coating
  • Chem Film
Dixie Custom Paint and Finishes

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